Niels is a mentor, speaker, and soon to be an author. He is passionate about career branding and development, as well as personal leadership and development. Niels is driven by helping people unleash their full potential professionally, so they can be more fulfilled by what they do and be more to those important people around them.

Start Preparing For The Future Job Market Now

There is no doubt we see the end of some types of jobs, but then, others are created. That’s why I invited Future Analyst Henrik Good Hovgaard from Future Navigator, to sit down to talk about the future job market, what we can expect from it and how to prepare for it.

If you want to know what you can do to prepare for the future job market, and how career branding can play an active role in your future career, then you don’t want to miss this interview!

3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Linkedin Network Fast

You might be sitting there wondering how to grow your LinkedIn network, so you can attract more career opportunities, clients, and business opportunities.

I’m going to share 3 really easy ways, that will help you grow your LinkedIn network fast. If you follow these simple tips, you can start attracting more visitors to your profile and new connections to your LinkedIn network, which will give you more opportunities.

Influencers, The Secret To Connecting With Thought Leaders

To get on the radar of influencers and thought leaders can be challenging, and maybe even seem a little scary taking that first step. How do you go around connecting, and perhaps also getting a meeting, with someone who you admire and who’s an influencer or thought leader within your industry or field?

To give you some great tips and inspiration on just how you do that, I sat down and talked with Matt Ragland, who has the answers you need.