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Employability | Career Branding & Development | Personal Leadership |
Future Job Market

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Niels has spoken to audiences ranging from eight to more than 500 people, and some of the words being used to describe him as a speaker are extremely inspiring, charismatic, motivational, engaging, thought-provoking, and humorous, to name a few.

When Niels began sharing his experiences online, he started getting requests to do speaking engagements and workshops based on the content he shared. Quickly he found himself standing on stages in front of hundreds of people all across Denmark, sharing his message inspiring and motivating his audiences to take action on the topics he talks about.

Speaking Topics

Give Your Students a Jumpstart To Their Careers

The job market is changing fast, and the way you land a job has changed immensely in the past 10 years. Companies are using social media to scan their candidates, and it’s almost come to the point where your first impression online will determine whether or not they’ll give you a shot at giving them your in-person first impression at the interview.

Utilize the Power of Having an Irresistible Online Presece

In today’s world, we’re leaving online footprints like never before, which can end up hurting the chances landing the dream job. Instead we need to be intentional and have an online presence and brand that will help land that job. Niels shares how to attract the right people and career opportunities that will help secure furute career opportunities using his strategies.

How Personal Leadership Will Boost Your Career

Niels’ story proves what can happen when you take ownership of your circumstances and life focusing on what matter and the things you’re in control of. We often seem to forget that we are the true creators of our own life, but Niels will share some powerful truths and experiences to show just how much is within our own power if we just chose the right focus-point.

Stop Drifting, Start With The End In Mind

Too many professionals are drifting in their careers and because of that they’re not really fulfilled by doing what they. Niels believes that we do our best when we do what love and the trickle effect of that is increased margin in our personal lives to be more to those around us. Niels talks, not about how to find your passion and purpose, but how to uncover it, so a life of fulfillment is within reach.

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