5 Reasons Why You Need To Be On Linkedin Today
- Plus One Obvious Reason -

With more than 575.000.000 users, LinkedIn is the Worlds largest community and networking site for professionals. Which alone, is a pretty good reason to be on there by itself.

Let’s look at some other great reasons as well. 

If you need more convincing about why you need to have your professional profile on LinkedIn, then I’ve collected some more numbers for you. Here is LinkedIn by the numbers:

  • 160.000.000 + users in the U.S.
  • 29 % of all social media users in the U.S. use LinkedIn
  • 40% of users check their LinkedIn Daily
  • 2.1 is the number of jobs freelancers on LinkedIn have going on at the same time
  • 3 million+ is the number of long-form post/ blog you can find on LinkedIn
  • 39 million+ is the number of students and recent grads that are on Linkedin
  • 13% of millennials use LinkedIn
  • 79% of Washington DC insiders use Linkedin
  • 37% is LinkedIn’s reach of the total U.S. digital population
  • 930 is the average number of connections for CEO’s
  • 14 times is how much your chances increase to be found by having a profile picture
  • 13 times more profile views are what you get if you display your skills in your profile
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn

If you like more statistics, then click here.

Reason Number 1 – Put Your Skills On Display

As you can see, having a LinkedIn profile with your updated skills will get you more attention and visitors to your profile. Having a profile set up and optimized professionally makes a significant increase in your chances of attracting the right people to your profile and network.

Your professional profile will serve you as an ongoing source for attracting new career opportunities.

Reason Number 2 – Headhunters And Recruiters Are Looking For Talent

More and more headhunters and recruiters find the talent they are looking for on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s so crucial that you have a profile that is up to date and set up in a way that will make recruiters and headhunters find you in their searches for new talent.

There are a few things you can do to attract recruiters and headhunters to your profile. Having a compelling summary, have completed all of the areas of your profile, being active, showing samples of your work, and of course, having an extensive summary describing your work history. These, amongst other things, will help you get noticed.

Reason Number 3 – Get More Career Opportunities

Since job security isn’t what it used to be. Having your professional profile on LinkedIn and connecting with others will get more opportunities in front of you because one thing people on LinkedIn are great at is sharing job openings from their network circles.

When it comes to attracting more career opportunities, having your profile setup professionally will make a difference for you as well. More people will find you and connect with you because you will show up in their searches. That leads to a bigger network of people, which again leads to having more eyes and ears out there for you to find more career opportunities.

You should also take part, and be helpful, in the different groups on LinkedIn. That is another way you can attract more people to your professional network.

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More and more companies post their openings on LinkedIn, so make sure to follow the companies you’ve always been wanting to work for.

There are profiles from over two hundred countries on LinkedIn, so if you want to work abroad, then LinkedIn can be a big help for you to connect with people from all over the world.

Reason Number 4 – Connect With Influencers In Your Field

Connecting with influencers in your field has never been easier. CEO’s on LinkedIn has an average of 930 connections, so it’s not like they are in a closed group. The only thing I want to stress here is that you write a personal message, explaining why you find it valuable for both of you to be connected.

If you’re not sure how to initiate a connection request, then check out the interview ‘How to connect with influencers.’

Reason Number 5 – Stay Up To Date With Industry Leaders

LinkedIn has what they call influencers, their profiles have a LinkedIn logo, so they are easy to spot. They are all industry leaders sharing their thoughts about what’s going on in their field.

Following LinkedIn influencers is a great way to stay up to date, not only in your industry but also when it comes to your career. So follow the leaders in your industry and get a tailored news feed that will keep you updated.

Reason number 6 – Connect With Me :o)

I put this in here as an invitation for you to connect with me too. I regularly post about career branding and management on my profile, and I would love to connect and get to know more about you and your needs. So feel free to write and join my network on LinkedIn.

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