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You might be thinking, how can a brand slogan be useful to have as an employee? Isn’t that just something big companies like McDonald’s and Nike have?

But today you need to do that little extra to stand out and get noticed in the job market. That’s why having a value proposition, and career brand slogan can help you communicate what it is you do and stand for to new potential employers, in a crystal clear way.

Creating A Brand Slogan Helped Me Gain Clarity

I know it might seem a little over the top to suggest to have a personal career brand slogan.


Before you dismiss the idea and thought, I want to share with you what difference it’s made to me, going through the process of coming up with my slogan.

Besides helping me gain clarity about what it is exactly I do and why, it’s given me a compelling pitch that I use whenever people ask what I do, and people get blown away when I present it to them.

What I present is my value proposition, which also serves as the foundation of my brand slogan.

I help professionals attract the career they want and dream of through career branding, so they can unleash their full potential doing what they love, with less stress, and more to give to the most important people in their life.

The great thing about having a clear value proposition is that you get a great tool to create a powerful brand slogan to use wherever you feel fit.

How A Brand Slogan Can Help You Stand Out

Having a clear and compelling value proposition and brand slogan can help you communicate what a future employer will get if they hire you. It’ll be an excellent teaser to use your slogan on your social media profiles, on your resume, on your career website, and personal business card.

It will help you draw people to your LinkedIn profile, which will help you extend your professional network with valuable like-minded people. If you use it on your career website, it’ll tell visitors what they will get from your content.

Create Your Powerful Career Brand Slogan

Your brand slogan is an abridged but powerful version of your career value proposition that you can use in multiple ways of your branding strategy.

Creating your career brand value proposition will be a beneficial process for you to go through before you make your brand slogan. That’s why I’ve created a worksheet for you that will take you through the process of making both your value proposition and brand slogan.

Be specific in your value proposition about who it is you can help transform. Don’t try to talk to everyone.

Your slogan needs to be short and to the point, somewhere between 3 to 7 words. A great brand slogan should let people know what transformation you can help them get.

Get The Career You Dream Of

Pain points

You must know what a future employer’s pain point is. You might already have an idea about what that could be, but if you’re sure, then analyze your industry and find out how you, with your specific set of skills and passion, can help them solve that pain point.

Don’t try to make your slogan sound all clever; clarity is what you want to go after in this case.

Address the pain point and how you can help.

In my slogan, I address that a lot of people aren’t satisfied with what they do for a living, and I help them attract the right career opportunities for them to get the career they want and deserve.

Don’t Rush It

Creating your brand slogan and value proposition is something that you should do over a few days or weeks because you want the statement to be just right.

You will tweak your proposition a few times before it’s just right. It took me about 3-4 weeks of going back and forth, working on the statement before I felt like it was just right.

So give it some thought, and think of the process is like making a homemade red wine sauce. You add the ingredients, then some wine. Taste it. Add a little more ingredients. Taste it again. Add some wine and do that until you think it’s tastes just like you want it to.

I’m sure you will get the same clarity as I got from doing this exercise.

Your value proposition shouldn’t be too long. You want it to be something you can remember and use whenever you meet new people and get the questions, so what do you do?

When you have a strong value proposition and brand slogan to use you’re at social events, you will be like a magnet that attracts people to you, because they want to hear more. So it’s a great thing to have such a statement if you don’t like to go to networking events because you’ll be prepared to the teeth if anyone asks you what you do.

Be you!

To sum it all up, you can make a difference just by being you. You’ve got a unique set of skills that make you stand out. Here I’m not only talking about your professional competencies but your personality, values, and social skills as well. All these things put together are what shapes who you are, that someone, no one else can be.

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Niels Reib - Career Strategist & Mentor

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