Start With Why And Find Fulfillment In Your Career
- With Stephen Shedletzky, from Simon Sinek's Start With Why Team -

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Head of Engagement of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why team, Stephen Shedletzky, to a talk about how knowing your Why, can help you stand out and get fulfillment in your career.

Here’s a snippet from the Start With Why Masterclass I did with Stephen for The Career Branding Summit.

Thoughts on Starting With Why

As I’ve mentioned before, when I first came across Simon Sinek’s TEDx Talk about the Golden Circle and the power of knowing why you do what you do, I was intrigued. When you start with Why you do the things you do people are going to listen to you in a way that will make them want to work with you.

I highly recommend you take a look at Simon’s book Start With Why and also get the workbook, Find Your Why, they’ve created for the book to go with it. That will help you gain clarity on your why.

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