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Set Career Goals Like a Boss

… and reach them!

Have you ever set career goals, or any kind of goals for that matter, and been psyched about them for a few weeks, only to see the reality of daily life hit you with all of its obstacles and other urgent matters, and then have the goals fade away? I think we’ve all been there…



Set yourself up for career success

If you want more career opportunities, it’s always great to have career goals. Working towards your goals can give you a sense of momentum, that’ll help you accelerate your career.

Both you and I know, that setting goals don’t necessarily mean, we’ll achieve them. That’s why it’s so crucial, that you do your goal setting in a way, that’ll set you up for success.

That’s what I’ll give you a few tips on how to do, and a free goal worksheet to download, in this post.

So lean back and let’s dive in.

Write Down Your Goals

According to a research done by Dr. Gail Matthews, it shows that writing down your goals increases your chances of reaching them by a massive 42%.

To me, putting pen to paper is a very effective way to create a deeper connection and clarity on my goals. When you write your career goals down, don’t forget to add why it’s important to you to reach them and what difference it’ll make for you once you reach it.

To connect to your goals like that, will help you stay committed if you should get challenged along the way.

Set your goal line

Once you’ve written your concrete and specific goals either on paper, your phone or computer, it’s time to set your goal line. When do you want to achieve the specific career goal in mind? Set up a reasonable and realistic timeline that include milestones, and the tasks you need to do, in order to reach your goal in time.

Plan, Prioritized, And Commit

If you’re going to reach your goals, you need to be intentional about it. Block out time in your calendar to work towards your goals and stick to it. Don’t let other less important things get in the way of you moving forward and reaching the goals that will enhance your career opportunities.

Do a weekly review of your progress

Spend time once a week to review your progress towards your goals. Reflect on how the past week’s work was and adjust if necessary for the coming week’s goal schedule.

The ‘If – Then’ Strategy

I bet you can mention a few obstacles, that could be in the way of reaching some of your career goals. But what if you by doing a few things, would eliminate those obstacles when they show up. How likely would it be for you to reach your goals?

When you set your goals, prepare for the obstacles you know will show up.

One of the best ways you can prepare for the obstacles you know might come your way is to tackle it with an if-then strategy. It’s fairly simple but very useful.

All you have to do is to write down the scenarios you can think of, that might throw you off track in order to reach your goals. Then, if these scenarios happen, you write down the action you need to take in order to get back on track.

If my schedule changes because of an emergency or other urgent matters, then I’ll stay up later, or get up earlier, to get the work done.

Geek out a bit

I’ve geeked out a bit and created screensavers that show my goals on my laptop, so I keep getting reminders to focus on the things that matter most.

I made my goal screen-savers in iPages and took screenshots of them. You could also use apps like to make more sophisticated screen-savers or even go all in and create a vision board with all your goals.

Apps and resources

Opus Domini Mobile ProOpus Domini Pro

Opus Domini Pro is a daily planner and goal tracking app for IOS that I use and highly recommend.

The link you see here is the Deluxe Mac version, but you can also get it to use across all your IOS devices (iPhone, Ipad, laptop) and always be on top of your goals. It’s inspired by Stephen R Covey’s way to prioritize your time, based on your most important daily roles, values, and goals.

Podio is an awesome free project management system. Podio will help you keep track of your progress and workflow, on the way to achieving your career goals. You can customize the app in any way to suit your needs, and even set it up to be a collaboration platform if you are working with others in order to reach a common goal.

You can also use Podio to make surveys and send the link to people, or embed it on your website (like I’ve done here), and collect all the feedback directly in Podio.

Download Your FREE Goal Setting Workbook

caereer_goals_ezinelayingcurvy To help you make it easier to succeed in achieving your career goals, I’ve created a personal career goal worksheet for you to download.

Print and use your personal worksheet and increase your chances of achieving your goals by 42%, according to Dr. Gail Matthews.

Grab Your FREE Personal Career Goal Workbook Here
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I hope these tips have inspired you to attack your goals in a way, that’ll set you up for career success.

I appreciate you’ve taken the time to read this, and since you’re still here, I’d love to know your thoughts on setting career goals.

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How are you working to achieve your career goals?

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