Transform Your Life And Career
By Doing This Before 8 AM
Starting Your Days On Purpose Will Transform Your Life And Career

I bet you’ve heard that being an early riser will help transform your life. I know it has helped many successful people transform their lives. And for years, I’ve wanted to learn how to become an early riser. So, putting a solid morning routine together could help me carve out time to focus on the things that often get neglected, unfortunately, which is doing the important inner growth work.

Now, I’m ready to share something with you that I’ve been implementing over the past couple of months, which has made a significant change and transformation to how I start my days and show up every day more intentionally and purposefully.

Ready to transform your life?

Here we go!

My Quest of Becoming a Morning Person

For years I’ve tried to find a way to becoming a morning person. I’ve been attempting to schedule time in the morning to read, journal, and exercise, but I’ve struggled to get up early, making it a habit. I’ve tried to put the alarm across the room, and I’ve even told my girlfriend to kick me out of bed if I lay back down after turning off the alarm.

You’ve probably heard it before; all successful people are early risers and get’s more done before the rest of us hit the snooze button.

Getting Up at 5 AM, Are You Insane?!?

That was my girlfriend’s initial reaction when I told her I planned on getting up at 5 am the following morning. She had the kind of look of disbelief in her eyes, which fueled my motivation to do it even more.

Rewind a couple of days; I had just received a few new books in the mail that hopefully could inspire me to do something about my wish to become an early riser. The two books were Hal Elrod’s ‘The Miracle Morning’ and Robin Sharma’s ‘The 5 AM Club’, even though they are written in two completely different ways, one being a very hands-on how-to. The other is penned as a story with the lessons weaved into the storyline. Nevertheless, they both turned out to be great inspirations for putting together my morning routine.

I was fired up and ready to go!

My Morning WIN Routine

When I get up and head downstairs to the living room, the first thing I do after brushing my teeth is to grab my Full Focus Planner. There I have my daily schedule, daily big 3 (goals), and tasks all in one place to review. I also use the planner to pen down a few of my daily exercises and journaling.

Let’s dive into what I include in my morning routine!

My Daily Intentions

The first thing I do to start my routine is writing my intentions for the day ahead. Doing this simple yet powerful exercise, setting daily intentions, and being aware of how I want to show up when it comes to my professional interactions with my girlfriend or socially has proven beneficial for me to stay on course in my interactions throughout the day.

My Daily Reflection

Next up, it’s time for some reflections. This can be on something I’ve read, an experience I’ve had, a decision I’ll have to make, or whatever comes to mind, big or small. Taking time to reflect is something I’ve been neglecting, and making it part of my morning routine has helped me make better decisions and sharpened my self-awareness.

Meditation and Visualization

Spending time in the morning in silence meditating has helped me focus better throughout the day. So sometimes, I listen to a meditative soundtrack, letting go of thoughts and my surroundings. Other times, if I have a big meeting or something else where I want to be at my absolute best, I’ll do a visualization exercise taking me through my day, including the outcome I want to have for the day.


Feeding my mind with inspiration and knowledge in the morning has proved to be an excellent way to nurture my creativity and increase my inspiration throughout the day.


Writing is a great way to let your thoughts out in the open. When you put your thoughts on paper, something happens that helps gain clarity on whatever you’re going through. Sometimes I write about things that happened the day before in a dairy kind of way. Other times I spend time contemplating decisions I have to make, things I want to achieve, and so on.

Exercising (some days)

I try to get a workout of some kind into my morning routine. It’s usually a 25-minute run pushing my PB every time. When I first started running, I ran 3K in 25 minutes, but as my endurance improved, I’ve increased the distance to a PB of just over 5K. Getting some exercise and the blood circulation kick-started as part of my morning routine has increased my overall well-being throughout the day. And, it’s positively showing on my bathroom scale too!

Start Your Day on Purpose and Transform Your Life

Before, maybe like you do now, I woke up with just enough time to grab a cup of coffee and shower before heading out the door. As a result, I carried over being in reaction mode throughout the day instead of taking charge and being more intentional, like I am today.

Starting my days on purpose and with intent has transformed the way I approach my days. Now I’m much more intentional about how I chose to show up every day, and it’s had an increasingly positive effect on not only my personal life but on my work-life as well. As a result, I feel energized and much more in charge of my days.

Final Thoughts on Starting My Days @ 5 AM

If you want to transform your life and experience the benefits of starting your days on purpose and with intent, then there’s no better time to start than now. Since I started implementing this into my morning routine, I’ve experienced some incredible positive benefits in my life.

One very satisfying benefit is that I feel more energetic throughout the day, and I believe it’s because I’m starting my day on purpose instead of being in reactive mode from the get-go. As a result, it’s easier for me to concentrate and focus during the day, which has helped me become more productive and do better quality work.

Implementing my daily intention exercise habit has helped me be much more conscious about how I choose to show up every day in whatever I have on my plate. In addition, taking time to reflect has helped me become more thoughtful about life and what I want to do with the time I have here.

It’s time for you to get everything out of your life and a great place to start is to kick off your mornings and take charge of how you chose to show up.

Are you ready to transform your life?

You deserve it!

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Niels Reib - Career Strategist & Mentor

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