What Career Branding Is
... And WHY You Should I Do It

You might be wondering; what is Career Branding and why I should even consider doing it? Today the job market is different than it was fifteen, ten, and even five years ago. The way companies hire new employees have changed, and job security isn’t what it used to be.

That’s why.

So, What is Career Branding?

I believe that you’ve got something that makes you unique, and the world needs to know it!

Your experiences, knowledge, values, and passion combined is what makes you who you are.

That’s what Career Branding will help the world to see. By using my Career Branding strategies to position your online career brand, you’ll be able to build and develop your knowledge-base and take complete ownership of your online presence.

Social Media And Your Home base

Today you’ve got many possibilities that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Social Media and the easy access to building your online platform (career website/ home base) is a game-changer for your career.

LinkedIn is a significant player when it comes to professional networking today. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile can do wonders for your career opportunities. On a personal note, I couldn’t have done some of the things I’ve got to do, without my LinkedIn network and the relations I’ve created there.

Sharing And Serving

Career Branding is all about sharing your knowledge. You do that through your social media platforms and from your home base. That’ll make you stand out and get noticed, because of the value you bring to the table.

Serve people in your network, comment on blogs, in forums, and be generous in sharing what you know, to help. Doing that will help you attract like-minded people to your network and get more opportunities.

This Is Why You Should Do Career Branding

The job market has changed since the economic crisis hit the world back in 2007/08, and along with that change, the pleasant thought of job security has gone the drain.

The way companies recruit new employees have changed, and the shorter the contract they can get away with, the better. Which in many ways makes sense (from the employer’s standpoint anyway), in regards to the way they’ll be able to make shifts according to the market, and won’t have the co$tly burden of firing as many people.

Stand Out In The Crowd

As I’ve already mentioned, I believe you’ve got something unique to contribute with, by just being who you are. Career Branding will help you stand out in the crowd and get noticed for the qualities you’ve got.

Get More Career Opportunities And Job Security

Expand your reach and grow your professional network. Doing Career Branding will give you more career opportunities, and with that, you’ll get better job security in the future.

Make Google Your Career Booster

When you apply for a job today, and the recruiter finds your profile interesting, their next step is to hit you up on Google. So why not WOW the recruiters, by having your career website and knowledge-base show up on page one! That’ll grab their attention and give them an even better understanding of who you are and the value you bring.

Another byproduct of having your career website is that people will find your site and articles in Google searches.

Let Me Help and Guide You

Going through my 1-on-1 Mentorship Program, I’ll teach you my Career Branding methods. The program will help you build your professional career brand, and it’ll give you clarity on your values, career mission, and goals as well as establish the foundation for you, as an authority within your industry.

Don’t be a product of your circumstances, be a product of your decisions, and attract the career you dream of, want, and deserve!

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