Relocating And Looking For Jobs?
- This is How Career Branding Can Help You -

Relocating and finding a new job in a new country or another part of the country isn’t always easy. Actually, it can be pretty darn tricky. But, there is a way for you to stand out and to make a great first impression even though you’re miles away.

Authentic Career Branding could very well be the answer to your challenge.

Why Career Branding Can Get You The Job

…even when you’re miles away!

Career Branding is all about taking ownership of your online presence. You want to feed Google with the things you’re most passionate about professionally, so you will get noticed by employers and hiring professionals based on your strongest skills, natural talents, and, as I mentioned, your professional passion.

When you’re relocating and looking for jobs in your new location, then career branding can make you stand out in a way that can help future employers to get to know you much better than any standard resume and job application ever will. Career Branding will open up your world and your worth to them in a way that will make them want to bring you on for a Skype interview.

Relocating and looking for jobs doesn’t have to be hard.

Don’t rely on your resume getting your foot in the door. Instead, you should create an authentic online career brand, that will show employers how you can provide value to their organization or business. Doing that will make you stand out compared to local applicants.

How Career Branding Can Help When Relocating And Looking For Jobs

When I work with my clients, we always start by getting an overview of the client’s overall online reputation. They take The Career Brand Assessment Test, which gives us a pretty good indicator of where we need to focus, to begin.

Is there anything out there online that we need to clean up and streamline?

Do we need to optimize their LinkedIn profile and presence?

Or is it the essential key to set up a career website, to support their career brand?

The Career Brand Assessment Test can help figure out where you need to focus.

In this post, I’ll focus on the most critical differentiator that can help you stand out if you’re relocating and looking for jobs.

Your Professional Career Website

Having a website to showcase who you are as a person, along with your professional accomplishments, interests, and passion, will make hiring professionals get to know you in a way that no resume or job application ever will.

You want to create content that supports your career aspirations and goals, building on your skills, talents, and accomplishments. You can write about takeaways you’ve had from attending conferences, books you’ve read, takeaways from courses you’ve taken, trends in your industry, leadership, accounting software, or whatever rocks your professional boat.

Using video on your professional career website is another way to let your personality shine through, which can prove helpful if you’re relocating and looking for jobs in another part of the country or the World, for that matter.

How To Extend Your Application And Resume

When you apply for a job, then you want to link to your website and maybe even a piece of content you’ve created based on the position you are applying for.

You always want to share your career website on your resume. Hiring professionals will Google you anyway, so you might as well help them out here.

If you’re upfront, you can even record a video to put on a designated page on your website ( to share with the hiring manager. Tell them a little bit about yourself and how you can provide value to the company, and much you’re looking forward to starting a new life in the area where the company is located.

Final Thoughts on Relocating and Looking For Jobs

Even though it’s not easy when you’re relocating and looking for jobs far away from your current hood, there are ways for you to stand out and get noticed.

You just need to be a little more creative and think outside the box and leverage the opportunities a professional online presence will give you compared to all most any other applicant to the positions you’re applying for.

Today, your online presence will decide whether or not you’ll be called in for an interview. So you might as well grab this opportunity to not only improve your chance of getting this next job by building a professional knowledge-base, that will serve and secure your career opportunities in the years to come.

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