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Today, 93% of recruiters and 70% of employers use social media and Google to scan potential candidates, which makes your first impression online more critical than your real-life first impression, at least when it comes to your career.

That's why your online career brand and reputation are crucial if you want to attract and get the career you want and deserve.

By taking this test, you'll have your current career brand score in just a couple of minutes, which will help you gain clarity of what you can do to create a leading online career brand that'll help you get noticed and reach your career goals.

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Niels Reib
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Why are you taking this assessment?

What is your position/ title?

Does your personal email address consist of both your first and last name?

(not your work email, but the one you use most often)

Who is your email provider?

Does your personal email signature include any of these?

Is your Facebook account set to private?

(only people you are connected to can see your posts)

When was the last time you Googled yourself?

It's time to do a new Google search on yourself

Go to Google and type in the name you use professionally and other people know you by. If you're logged into Google, then you want to choose to hide private search results. You do that by going to settings in the right bottom cornor of your screen.

Which page did you show up on in the Google search?

How many times do you show up on page one on Google?

Did any inappropriate results show up in the Google search?

(anything that could turn off a recruiter or future employer)

List 3 to 5 skills or keywords you want to be known for.

e.g. coach, accountant, project manager, sales manager, etc.

Which Social Media Platforms Are You On?

Please select on or more of the social media platforms you have a profile on.

Do you use your name on all your Social profiles?

(Twitter @yourname, Facebook /yourname, Google /yourname, etc)

How many different profile pictures do you have on your social profiles?

Which social media account do you use most?

How often do you post content on your social media profiles that relate to your profession and the skills/keywords you want to be known for?

Have you posted any content on social media that others could find offensive or in any other way undesirable?

(e.g. Headhunters, Recruiters, Employers)

Do you have a Facebook Page?

(a page separate from your profile that people can like and follow)


How often do you use LinkedIn?


How many connections do you have on LinkedIn?

Please select the answer that matches your current connections on LinkedIn


When was the last time you shared a status update on Linkedin?


When was the last time you were active in a LinkedIn group?


Which of these do you have on your LinkedIn profile?


Do you publish blog posts on LinkedIn?


What are you using LinkedIn for?


How do you interact with your connections on Linkedin?


Do you feel you’re getting everything out of your LinkedIn profile and presence?


What would you like to know more about in regards to LinkedIn?

Do you own your name as a domain/URL-address?

Do you have a self-hosted blog or website?

e.g. a Wordpress blog/website ( etc.)

Do you post career-related content on your website/blog?

How often do you post content on your website/blog?

Do you have a way of collecting readers' emails on your website?

Do you send out updates/newsletters?

Do you share your content on your social media accounts from your website that relates to the skills/keywords you want to be known for?

Is your career-related blog/website Search Engine Optimized for your name and the skills/keywords you want to be know for?

If you have your own website/blog, then please share it.

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