How To Get Career Success Through A Go-Giver Mindset
- With Bob Burg -

Have you ever wondered how the massively successful people get to be so successful and how things would be if you had some of that same success in your career and life?

Let’s dive in and discover the Go-Giver mindset.

First of all, let’s get this straight before we jump into this. Being a Go-Giver doesn’t mean you’re everyone’s doormat, and if that happens, it’s because you’ve let others take advantage of you.

Great! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to it! - Bob Burg - Co-Author of the Go-Giver mindsetA few years back, someone in my network suggested the book The Go-Giver to me. I had never heard of the book and thought I’d give it a go.

It turned out to be this great inspiring little book that has since been one of my all-time favorite career books. When it comes to networking the Go-Giver mindset has been one of the most rewarding discoveries based on the kind of opportunities I’ve gotten, since I made the mindset shift.

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The Go-Giver Mindset Breakdown

Go-Giver-5-LawsImplementing the Go-Giver mindset includes bringing value to people to the people around you in an authentic way. Those being co-workers, your Boss, clients, customers, and everyone you come across in your career.

Always come from a place of service to others. Because when you help other people make their lives easier by creating valuable solutions to their problems, then you’ll build trust and, as a result, repeat business to you and your employer.

Another and especially relevant part of the Go-Giver mindset is to be open to whatever opportunities that also come your way.

These principals are at the core of authentic career branding as well. Because when you create genuine value for others, then. As a result, you will begin to attract more and better career opportunities.

I was very fortunate to get to sit down and talk with Bob Burg, the co-author of ‘The Go-Giver’, about the Go-Giver mindset and how applying a simple mindset shift can help you get career success through serving others.

Niels Reib Interview with Bob Burg, Co-Author of ‘The Go-Giver’

This Is An Amazing Quick Read That’ll Hopefully Inspire You As It Has Inspired Me To Make That Mindset Shift.


Didn’t It Sound Like A Great Book As Well? I’ve Just Ordered It And I’m Looking Forward To Reading It!


Listen To Bob Interview Some High-Profile Leaders About Inspirational Topics On Creating Value.

Go-Giver Podcast

Go To The Go-Giver Website For More Inspirational Info And Download The First Chapter Of The Book For Free.

Thoughts on The Go-Giver Way

Ever since I read the Go-Giver, I’ve tried to live up to the five laws covered in the book. It’s not always easy, but just having in mind that all you give will come back tenfold in some form or shape is just a lovely way to go through life.

Since I did that first interview with Bob Burg, I’ve been fortunate to interview and talk to him on several occasions, and he is a true testament to what he talks about in this interview. Bob Walks the walk, and I consider him being one of my absolute favorite people and my virtual mentor.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of The Go-Giver and give it a read!

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