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How To Get An Influencer’s Attention

And Building Relationships Along The Way

To get an influencer’s attention, and on their radar, can make a big difference in your career and building a relationship either in person or online can turn in to a mentor-mentee relationship.


Over the past four to five years I’ve been learning from some fantastic and inspiring influencers and many of them I regard as my virtual mentors. I’ve read their books, been taking their online courses and a member of their online communities and I’ve been fortunate to interview a couple of them during the past couple of years and even meet one of them by chance when she visited Copenhagen.

So, how did that happen?

Keep reading, and that’s what I’ll share with you below.

Become a Student of Their Work

One of the best ways to lay the foundation for getting an influencer’s attention is by studying their work and becoming a student of them.

You can do that by reading their books, taking their online courses, becoming a member of their online community or going to their live events where you can get to meet them in person, if possible.

Go deep into their content and make sure you get results from the insights they share and become an A+ student of theirs.

Promote Their Products

A great way to get an influencer’s attention is by promoting their work and products.

Now, let’s say you’ve taken an online course from an influencer that you’ve been following for some time. The obvious thing you could do would be to write about your gained from taking their class and share the progress you’ve made as a result of their teachings on your blog and social media.

Another way to get an influencer’s attention could be to write book reviews of one of their books, again sharing your takeaways and thoughts about their work.

When you’ve written these testimonial reviews, then you send them an email with a link to the post on your website letting them know about it. Here it’s important to make it short, and sweet and since they most likely receive lots of emails you shouldn’t expect anything in return.

Remember, you’re doing this only to show your appreciation for the difference they have made towards your progress.

Engage On Social Media

You most likely already follow the influencers you’re inspired by on Social Media, but do you also engage with their content?

When looking at the comments on some of the influencers post, I follow on Social Media; I see a lot of mindless commenting going on. When you engage, make it thoughtful and worth their time if they should read it.

Another way to engage is to share your progress on Social Media tagging the influencer who’s book you’re reading or course their taking.

As an example, I highly recommend Cal Newport’s book ‘Deep Work’ by the way, as I made a post about it on Instagram.

(a funny thing about that post is that Cal is not on Instagram, which I knew before I posted it, but another influencer I follow commented on the post saying he loved the book as well)

Sharing Valuable Ressources

Be helpful and generous and share insights and resources you come across with your influencers.

That can be anything from a statistic or a survey to a blog post, that is on topic with what they are doing, or a great book you’ve read.

You could also recommend things not related to what they do, like a coffee shop or restaurant they’ll have to visit if they should be in town, which brings me back to how I met one of my influencers not too long ago.

How I Got To Meet Dorie

I’ve been following Dorie Clark for some time, I’ve read her books, which I highly recommend you check out, and I’m on her mailing list receiving her newsletters.

I reached out to Dorie for last year’s Career Branding Summit, but the timing wasn’t right because she had plenty to do with a course launch and a book to finish. We connected on LinkedIn to stay in touch, and I followed her on Instagram as well.

Then one day, as I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, I all of a sudden see a picture of Dorie at one of the sights here in Copenhagen. I commented and wrote her an email asking if I could buy her coffee, lunch or whatever her schedule would allow.

We ended up meeting on a Saturday morning for coffee, got to connect and got know each other a little better, and Dorie delivered a masterclass on this year’s Career Branding Summit.

Coffee in #copenhagen with @nielsreib_the_career_brand_guy

A post shared by Dorie Clark (@dorieclark) on

Final Thoughts

To get an influencer’s attention takes patience and you want to do it from a Go-Giver’s mindset. Be helpful, create value by reviewing their books and products. Doing that is a testament that you’re a student of their work, which is a great compliment to everyone in the creative space creating content, online courses, membership communities and so on.

And finally, don’t just do this with influencers. Give credit to your co-workers, management, customers, and clients. We all grow from acknowledgment.

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