Trouble Finding Your Passion?
7 Questions To Ask Yourself Today

It seems everybody talks about finding their passion and why these days. But if you’re like me, then finding your passion can be challenging! You might have been in the same job for so long that you kind of forgot why it is you’re doing it today (other than it provides you with an income).

Let’s dive in and see if we can uncover the way to your passion.

Your fire may be gone, and you want to find that spark to reignite the passion once again. If you can recognize that feeling, then I’ve got a few great and powerful questions you can ask yourself in the pursuit of finding your PASSION and WHY.

To ask yourself WHY you do what you do is something that most of us don’t do too often, myself included.

I used to go to work, not thinking much about why I had the job I had and how it fulfilled me. It was just a job and an income. I didn’t have a clear vision of my future back then, and I wasn’t connected to my why, as Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with Why’ talks about here.

For me, it was a life crisis that opened my eyes and forced me to look inwards, for things to change, which led to finding my passion. I had spent years drifting without having a clear destination of where I wanted my life to go.

The reason I’m so passionate about career branding today is that, if I can help you attract more and better career opportunities, then you can get to work with the things you’re most passionate about. When you get to do what you love to do, then you’re more likely to unleash your full potential, be less stressed, and have more to give to the most important people in your life.

That’s WHY my PASSION is to help you get to do what you love through career branding.

Start Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion might not be as easy as you might think. The questions I’ll be giving you here are some of the tough ones that I asked myself on my journey to find my passion and my why.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed by some of them, then it’s understandable. But promise to answer these questions because the reflection exercise here is powerful and will kickstart an exciting process for you.

I recommend you download the workbook I’ve created, so you can print it and write your reflections and thoughts down.

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Ask Yourself: What do I enjoy doing?

This doesn’t have to be a work-related answer. Just empty your head and write down everything you enjoy doing and things that’ll boost your energy levels.

Ask Yourself: What can I do to help others?

What kind of things is it people come to you for, when they need help? It might be things you don’t even think about you’re good at, but things others see in you. There is something very satisfying about being able to help others, so how can you do more of it.

Ask Yourself: What did I enjoy doing as a child?

Now it’s time to get in touch with your inner child. What kind of things did you love to as a child? Were you into creative ideas, or did you do more psychical things climbing trees, dance, play soccer, or something else?

What was it about the things you did that made it fun?

Ask Yourself: What sort of tasks do I like to take on?

The kind of tasks you like to take on is a dead give away of how you want to be challenged. How does it make you feel when you perform those tasks? What skills do you usually use when you do those tasks?

Performing these tasks are those that make you shine.

Ask Yourself: How would my perfect day be like?

What would your perfect day be like, if you could choose? I know it can be challenging to be in total control of everything throughout the day. But if you set your intentions and plan your day with the intent of reaching that perfect day, then you’re pretty much on your way.

Of course, it’s not going to be a perfect day every day. But you’ll stop drifting and be more on track with what’s important to you when you have a perfect day as a goal.

Fill your perfect day with the things you enjoy doing, both at work and when you’re off. You can even break your day up into “time zones” like my perfect morning, my perfect workday, and my perfect evening.

Ask Yourself: What Do I Want To Accomplish?

What are your big goals in life? Why do you want to achieve them? What is behind your desire to reach those accomplishments?

Knowing what you want to accomplish in life on a deeper level, will leave you with great clues that will help to find your passion.

Ask Yourself: How Do I want to be remembered?

I know this is digging deep. The first time I did this exercise was when I read Stephen Covey’s Bestseller ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ and it was tough! It took me a few weeks of reflecting before I felt comfortable thinking about how I wanted to be remembered by the people I come across.

It’s a tough but excellent exercise, and I suggest you grab the workbook I’ve created. Use it to write down your reflections and thoughts in there. Because it’s something, you want to leave for a few days and then come back and do some more mental work.

Stick With It And Find Your Passion

Answering these questions can helpful for you to start finding your passion. Think about what matters to you and what makes you shine. I’m sure you want to reflect more on some of the questions. That’s why I’ve created a workbook for you. In that, you can write your thoughts next to each of the questions.

Download the workbook I’ve created and got additional tools to help ignite your passion today.

If you want more inspiration like this, then drop your name and best email down below, then I’ll make sure you get my best career and personal leadership tips in your inbox.

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