Blogging on LinkedIn Pros and Cons
- and a HUGE thing to Consider -

There is no doubt that blogging on LinkedIn, can do great things for your career brand. But there’s something you need to consider before you choose to go all in.

Here are a few Pros and Cons…

The Pros of Blogging on LinkedIn

Blogging on LinkedIn has its advantages, and you should buy into those, to build your career brand.

  1. It’ll build your presence and brand
  2. Your blogs will be shown on your profile, for visitors to see
  3. You’ll attract more connections with the same interests
  4. Increase your visibility
  5. If your content is great, you might get on one of the LinkedIn Pulse channels, and reach even more people

The Cons of Blogging on LinkedIn

I suggest you take this one HUGE thing into consideration before you start blogging on LinkedIn. You don’t own the content you write or share on LinkedIn, LinkedIn does…

What does that mean to you?

Well, it means that you rely on LinkedIn, a platform you have no control of, to build your career brand. In my opinion, that puts your brand in a vulnerable position.

If LinkedIn makes changes to the setup, you can’t do anything about it. Or, worst case, if LinkedIn goes out of business, then everything you’ve done to build your brand, will be lost.


Everything You do on social media, should refer back to your personal career website and homebase


The Ultimate Strategy

To take complete ownership, and control to build a sustainable online career brand, you should have a personal career website. By blogging about the topics you’re most passionate about, you’ll build your knowledge powerhouse. That’ll make your brand stand out even more, and show you’re highly engaged in your career.

A career website should be your home base. It’s there; your communication should come from.

In my opinion, the absolute ultimate strategy would be the combination of writing blogs on LinkedIn, and on your career website. Doing that, you’ll build a very strong presence overall, not only on LinkedIn but also in Google searches, which will drive traffic to your career website as well.

I would recommend at least a 3 to 1 blogging ratio. Writing one blog post on Linkedin, for every three you write on your career website. Simply because you need to create most of your content to your home base, where you own it.

blogging on linkedin pinterest-homebase

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