This is Why You Should Have a
Personal Career Website

Get 5 great reasons why you should consider having a personal career website, that’ll help you achieve your career goals and increase your future job security.

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1. Create Your Personal Knowledgebase

Be a *Go-Giver, and share what you know with the world.
As I wrote about in a previous article, the things you know might seem obvious to you, but chances are, that others will find it amazing.

When you start writing about your experiences, thoughts, and visions, you’ll begin to build your personal powerhouse of your expertise. Your true value will come across in a way, no stand-alone resume could ever do you justice. Because you see, if you at one point need to go out and apply for jobs, then you’ll have this amazing knowledge base to refer back in your resumes. You might even want to link to a specific blog post you’ve written, which a future employer might find interesting.

Having a personal career website and knowledge powerhouse will really make you stand out in a big way in the future job market.

* The Go-Giver is a great book, that I recommend you read if you want to serve your network better.

2. Make Google Your Promoter

When you start sharing what you know, on your personal career website, you’ll feed Google with things you want people to know you for. In a sense, you’ll make Google your teammate and promoter.

When you begin to create content online, you begin to take ownership of what people find, if they should Google you. People will not only be able to find you based on your name but also based on the content you create. You might even have found this you’re reading right now, through a search on career websites?

You’ll never know when you publish online content, who’s going to come across the things you share and your audience can be anywhere.

So you see, creating online content will make Google your teammate and promoter.

3. Attract New and More Opportunities

Sharing what you know with the world, will attract people with the same interest to you and your professional network. With that, new career opportunities will come along.

Chances are, your future career opportunities will be better matches, because of your career website. Recruiters will have a better sense of what you’re all about, and what you’re great at.

Since I began sharing and helping people by creating online content, I’ve been on a journey I had never imagined.

I’ve met some amazing people, got opportunities to do workshops and speaking engagements, which I never thought I could do. I’ve interviewed some great people, been the first to host webinars especially for job seekers, and I’ve had meetings with influential people here in Denmark.

That’s just some of the opportunities I’ve attracted because of my Danish website.

4. Build Your Personal Brand

When you begin to contribute to the things you know, from your career website, you’ll begin to build your personal career brand. Chances are you, if you do it on a consistent basis, will begin to be considered a go-to gent/lady within your field or niche.

As long as you keep adding value on a consistent basis, you’ll build a strong personal brand, and possibly gather a loyal following of like-minded people to your mailing list.

5. Increase Your Employability

All of the above will help you increase your future job security and employability.

Building your solid knowledge base and taking ownership of your name/ brand, will attract new and better career opportunities, and it helps you reach your goals in a way you can’t imagine, at this time.

Beautiful things happen when you start sharing what you know with the world. Think of it this way. Every blog post you write is a ship you send out to sea, and I’m convinced at least some of them will reach the perfect destination.

With every blog post your write, and every piece of content you create, you’re adding another lottery ticket to your future career, going for the big win, and the career you want and deserve.

Your career success doesn’t happen by accident. You have to do it on purpose.


What’s holding you back from creating a career website?

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