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How To Use LinkedIn When Looking For A New Job

LinkedIn is THE platform to be on if you’re looking for something new to do professionally. In this post, I’ll share how you can get the most out of your profile and use LinkedIn when looking for a new job.

How To Use LinkedIn When Looking For A New Job


Why You Should Use LinkedIn When Looking For A New Job

LinkedIn is the World’s largest professional networking platform which makes it the go-to tool for most recruiters, headhunters, and other hiring professionals when they are looking for new talent and filling open positions. Which, of course, makes it the place to be visible and actively use when you’re looking for a new job.

But, like everything else, you need to put some work into your LinkedIn profile if you want to leverage your presence and get attention from hiring professionals.

How To Use LinkedIn When Looking For A New Job

There are a few things you can to that will help you get in front of hiring professionals, and I’ll share some of the most effective once with you right here.

Optimize Your Profile With Relevant Keywords

The first thing you want to do is to make sure your profile is complete, up to date, and keyword optimized.

You should focus on 5 to 7 of your strongest skills and use those as your keywords throughout your entire profile. Completed and optimized profiles rank higher than those that aren’t. You also want to make sure your profile is up to date when hiring professionals are stopping by and viewing your profile.

Create a Professional Headline

Having a catchy headline will drive more visitors to your profile. I see way too many people missing out on this simple yet very effective task.

Your headline could be a list of your keywords or your professional value proposition which also should include a few of your keywords since it’ll increase your chances of being discovered.

Write a Compelling Summary

In your summary, you want to focus on who you are, why you do what you do and how you bring value to the things you do.

You can also list your strongest skill, and even share a story about how you use them to create results.

Get Recommendations On Your Profile

Getting recommendations from co-workers, clients, and other people you’ve worked with will serve as social proof that you’re the real deal.

When you ask for recommendations, it can be helpful to the people you ask if you request that it’s on a specific project or skill.

Let Hiring Professionals Know You’re Open To New Things

Linking up with hiring professionals can be beneficial if you’re on the lookout for new career opportunities, but it might also catch the attention of your current employer if they are using LinkedIn as well.

So, fortunately, there are ways for you to fly under the radar if you currently hold a position but want new challenges.

LinkedIn has a feature that let hiring professionals know you’re open to new opportunities without having to announce anything on your profile.

When you go to jobs on the top menu on your page, you can click career interests. There you can choose to let recruiters and hiring professionals, that use LinkedIn’s recruiting solution, know that you’re looking for new opportunities.

You provide what type of position, location, industry, and the size of the company you prefer working for, regarding the number of employees.

There you have it!

Five easy steps to use LinkedIn when looking for a new job.

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Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is such a significant player in today’s job market when it comes to career opportunities, which is why having an optimized profile and active presence can help you not only find your next job but also build valuable professional relationships with people from all over the world.

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