Get Career Fulfillment Through Career Branding
Interview With Executive & Career Coach, Susan Peppercorn

We all want to feel what we do matters, one way or another, yet many don’t get career fulfillment in the jobs they have. So, how can you find satisfaction in a position that doesn’t align with your purpose or find a job, which will give you the ultimate career fulfillment and meaning?

Let’s dive in!

Lack Of Career Fulfillment Affect Your Well-being

According to Gallup, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, which means 85% don’t experience career fulfillment when they show up at work.

If you’re feeling disengaged, then chances are you’re long from performing at your best, you don’t have your heart in what you do, and you might even be part of the 51% of the American workforce that are searching for new jobs or watching for openings.

These numbers have a significant negative effect not only on your well-being but for the companies and organizations as well.

You, as the employee, are in the driver’s seat, and if you’re not fulfilled by the work you do, then it’s up to you to change that because you deserve to wake up and look forward to the day you have ahead of you.

Career Fulfillment Is Important To Your Success

In my opinion, career fulfillment is the number one predictor of your professional success. If what you’re doing doesn’t fulfill you, then chances are you’re not performing at the level you should, and can.

Having career fulfillment and performing at your best, will not only help you succeed in your career, but it will also create a ripple effect in other areas of your life. You’re going to be less stressed, have more to give the people around you that being your family, friends, colleagues, and customers.

You deserve to do what excites and fulfills you!

Find Career Fulfillment In Your Current Company

If you’re feeling stuck in the position you’re in and it doesn’t fulfill and engage you, then you don’t necessarily have to look for new opportunities outside of your company.

Sometimes, changing companies or location aren’t an option because of your financial situation, your partner’s job, or something different. But luckily, there are ways to rekindle the love for the job you have.

I recently did a masterclass with Career Management Coach and author of ‘Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work: Evidence-Based Strategies To Thrive In Your Career,’ Susan Peppercorn. Talking about finding a job you love or how to love the job you already have.

Susan gave some great advice on how to make a move within your company. To be able to do that, it’s critically important that your colleagues and managers from different departments of the company get to know you. You have to network with them and be intentional about it, so they get to know about the things that you’re passionate about, the things you love to do, and how you create value because of your insights.

Start a Company Club

Taking the initiative and starting an employee’s club can help shift your focus from the unfulfilled position, you have to something that excites you, and it allows you to network with your co-workers from departments across the entire company.

You could start a Toastmasters club to network and get to know your co-workers. It’s a great way to get all levels of the companies employees, management, and all, engaged in a positive learning environment, where everyone will improve their communication and leadership skills.

The cool thing is that you can do speeches about topics that interest you professionally, which will help your co-workers get to know sides of you they otherwise wouldn’t. That could help open up for new opportunities within the company.

Career Branding Can Help You Get Career Fulfillment

I believe you do our best work when you’re engaged and love what you do, and Career Branding can help you attract the kind of career opportunities that will let you do just that.

Career Branding is all about taking ownership of your online presence and sharing what you’re passionate about professionally through your professional career website and online home-base.

What will happen is that you’ll attract like-minded people to your network based on the content you create around your professional interests. People are going to know you based on the things you’re most passionate about, which will lead to getting career opportunities that align with your interests and strongest skills, giving you a much better shot at achieving career fulfillment.

Over time you are going to build a unique professional knowledge-base of your own, and people will not only find it if they Google your name but also if they should Google topics you cover on your website.

Having that website will become your number one asset in your career if you’re looking for new opportunities as well.

When applying for a new job, you want to refer to the site and content in your resume and cover letter. Employers and hiring professionals will get a much better sense of who you are and the value you’ll be able to bring in to the position because of your content, and that will make you stand out from every other applicant in the running for the job.

Final Thoughts on Career Fulfillment

Our careers are a considerable part of our lives, which is why it’s so essential to our well-being that we do something that excites and fulfills us.

It affects everyone around you, not only your colleagues but also your family if you wake up dreading going to work in the morning. On the other hand, if you’re excited to head to work because you love what you do, then chances are you’ll have more energy, are less stressed, perform better, and have much more to give to everyone around you.

You deserve to be doing something that makes you jump out of bed on most days, excited to be doing things that matter to you, and gives you career fulfillment.

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