I have had the exquisite pleasure of attending Niels Reib’s workshop, where he worked purposefully with each participant’s personal goals. Niels managed to translate theory into concrete advice for each participant, and already made a big difference to me personally on day one.

Niels is not just someone you meet briefly, after which you continue unhindered in the same trail. He puts his mark on everyone with his lecture and links it to the workshop in a way that further motivates you to work purposefully with your goals.

I would clearly recommend Niels to anyone and would encourage anyone interested to get in touch right away. The sooner you make contact, the sooner you can be inspired.

Mads Hvidberg

I went to an inspiring lecture that Niels Reib gave in connection with my study (Multimedia Design and Communication at CBA). The speech was about how, as a student, you can create the best opportunities to get a job after graduation. It was a thought-provoking lecture focusing on personal branding, networking, job search, and creating a working life with passion. 

I have gained lots of knowledge and information, which I have greatly enjoyed since then.
Olena Mikhanosha

I hired Niels to help me build and launch my personal career brand in order to regain job security. As a Career Branding Specialist Niels helped me get clarity on my brand message and slogan, he helped develop my career website and have guided me through the entire process in a very attentive and authentic way. Our relationship has developed into a great friendship over the years, where he also has supported me in difficult business cases.

Niels has been a great inspiration to me and I highly recommend Niels if you want to build an authentic career brand and start a personal, as well as professional, journey.

Brian Bolgan ⎟ Sales Manager

Since I started implementing Niels’ career branding strategies on LinkedIn and through my career website I’ve connected with international influencers both within the robotics industry and other industries which normally would be out of my reach.

Furthermore, the work I do for children with special needs has been featured on national and international television and media, which has created a lot of traffic to my career website from people who have seen me on tv.

I’ve also had the opportunity to speak on the main stage at the most prominent educational tech fair, Bett London, and I’ve been invited to deliver another talk at the Bett fair in Malaysia in 2019, as well. It’s not only me but also the school I work at that has benefited from Niels’ career branding strategies since it has received a lot of positive media attention and acknowledgments.

I highly recommend working with Niels!

Morten Jacobsen | Learning technologist | Robotics-craftsman | International speaker – with a passion for transforming education