I have had the exquisite pleasure of attending Niels Reib’s workshop, where he worked purposefully with each participant’s personal goals. Niels managed to translate theory into concrete advice for each participant, and already made a big difference to me personally on day one.

Niels is not just someone you meet briefly, after which you continue unhindered in the same trail. He puts his mark on everyone with his lecture and links it to the workshop in a way that further motivates you to work purposefully with your goals.

I would clearly recommend Niels to anyone and would encourage anyone interested to get in touch right away. The sooner you make contact, the sooner you can be inspired.

Mads Hvidberg

I have had the pleasure of listening to Niels’ incredibly inspiring speech. 

Using his own experiences from life as a job seeker – for the good and the bad, as well as his broad knowledge of the labor market conditions, Niels manages to inspire and motivate to find the extra energy, that can be challenging to find as a job seeker. In particular, I have taken Niels´pointe, to let go of the victim role, to me. This one I use daily and feel that it gives far more benefits both in the job search and in everyday life. 

I would recommend Niels as a consultant and lecturer because I believe that his attitudes can contribute to something very valuable in the Danish labor market, as well as provide profits and well-being for job seekers.

Stine Kristiansen

It’s a little challenging to choose only three things that best describe Niels. Because even though I have chosen three things, I believe that Niels possesses all competences.
As a member of the trade union Communication & Language, I have taken the initiative to start a Career Network for members who are job seekers and at work. It is a forum that focuses on various aspects of unemployment, job search, and career development.
Here Niels was an obvious speaker to invite to speak in this congregation, as his personal story of being down in a deep hole in life and then fighting his way back up to where he is today is very inspiring listening to.
He is good at providing many examples of how to manage his time in relation to the job search, and then it is a big plus that in the serious things he talks about, he manages to blend humor into the stories. It creates a relaxed atmosphere among the audience and helps to dissolve so that no one is afraid to ask questions.
I am sure that you, as Niels’ customer, will be richer in experiences and gain new perspectives and angles in the field of employment.
I give Niels the warmest recommendations.

Michaell Møller

I had the pleasure of meeting and experiencing Niels as an extremely inspiring, dedicated, ruthless, and honest lecturer and donor. Based on his own both tragic and fantastic story, Niels, through his charismatic manner and an infectious smile, can highlight the essential issues, opportunities, tools, etc. that one faces as a jobseeker. Niels’s force is his experience and insight into all these subjects, which he can season with many both fascinating and warm experiences he has had on his way. 

Niels is, in my opinion, both a top entertainer and a competent sparring partner for both private and public sectors concerning all issues related to unemployment, career, etc. I.e., both regarding the individual’s choices and general improvements in the public systems, Niels is a strong partner. I want him to have all the influence he can.

Christian Hoeg