It’s a little challenging to choose only three things that best describe Niels. Because even though I have chosen three things, I believe that Niels possesses all competences.
As a member of the trade union Communication & Language, I have taken the initiative to start a Career Network for members who are job seekers and at work. It is a forum that focuses on various aspects of unemployment, job search, and career development.
Here Niels was an obvious speaker to invite to speak in this congregation, as his personal story of being down in a deep hole in life and then fighting his way back up to where he is today is very inspiring listening to.
He is good at providing many examples of how to manage his time in relation to the job search, and then it is a big plus that in the serious things he talks about, he manages to blend humor into the stories. It creates a relaxed atmosphere among the audience and helps to dissolve so that no one is afraid to ask questions.
I am sure that you, as Niels’ customer, will be richer in experiences and gain new perspectives and angles in the field of employment.
I give Niels the warmest recommendations.