Influencers ⎮ How to Connect With an Influencer

How to Connect With an Influencer

Niels Reib and Matt Ragland talking about networking and connecting with influencers.

To get on an influencers radar can be difficult, and maybe even seem a little scary, to take that first step.

How do you go around connecting, and maybe even getting a meeting, with someone who you admire and who’s an influencer within your industry or field?

To give you some great tips and inspiration on just how you do that, I sat down with the good looking guy you see to the right.

His name is Matt Ragland, and he’s got a great track record, when it comes to connecting with influencers, both online and in “real” life.

So make sure you’ve got your paper and pencil out, and get ready to take some notes. Enjoy!


Interview with Matt Ragland

“It’s not how you know, it’s who you help”
– Matt Ragland



Get More From Matt Ragland

Matt has a few follow up lessons you can get for free, if you go to


Mentioned in The Interview

As the interview went on ‘The Go’ Giver’ by Bob Burg and ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek were both mentioned. I highly recommend both books if you want to understand the Go Giver networking concept better and want to find your why.

You can find my interview with Simon Sinek down below 🙂

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